Epigenetics How what you eat effects your genes? Did you know it is not just what you eat and how it effects you, but what you eat will effect your children, your childrens children and your childrens childrens children? Definitions The term epigenetics in its contemporary usage emerged in the 1990s, but for some years… Continue reading Epigenetics

Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet

Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet Did you know you can totally reverse Coronary Heart Disease? Coronary Angiogram over time with whole foods based diet After 18 months on whole foods based diet.  Epithelial cells have shown healing as stem cells replace damaged cells which have been removed.  After these dietary changes, a full healing… Continue reading Reverse Coronary Heart Disease Through Diet

Hippocratic oath

Hippocratic Oath Today, only 3 or 128 Medical Schools use the original version of the Oath. The oldest partial fragments of the oath date to circa AD 275.  The oldest extant version dates to roughly the 10th-11th century, held in the Vatican Library. Original Greek Text: ὄμνυμι Ἀπόλλωνα ἰητρὸν καὶ Ἀσκληπιὸν καὶ Ὑγείαν καὶ Πανάκειαν… Continue reading Hippocratic oath

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea Serves: 6 Steep Time: 20 Minutes Prep Time: 20 min Calories: 14 Hibiscus tea, also called Sorrell tea or “sour tea” is a fragrant tea made from the dried calyxes of the tropical Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers. Hibiscus sabdariffa flowers are native to Africa and grow in many tropical and subtropical regions around the… Continue reading Hibiscus Tea

Investing in your health with fasting

Investing in your personal biochemistry with Fasting Tips for reducing your triglyercides sustainably Fasting involves a radical change in cellular physiology and metabolism.  In fact, it is reasonable to consider any type of diet as a form of fasting.  Arguably one of the methods to see positive changes in your body most quickly would be… Continue reading Investing in your health with fasting

Statins and Science?

Statins and Science? One of the top selling drugs of all time is Lipitor.  Lipitor is the chemical compound of Atorvastatin calcium marketed by Viatris currently and was originally sold by Pfizer.  Lipitor sales peaked at nearly $13 Billion during 2006 and sold $2 Billion during 2019.  The Lipitor patent rolled off in 2011 when… Continue reading Statins and Science?

Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup

Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup Serves: 6 Cook Time: Simmer Soup for 30-40 mins Prep Time: 15 min Calories: 218 Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup first principles science from Foodie Body:  Complete proteins while lowering brain and heart clogging cholesterol and reducing body inflammation.   Plant based meals are important to balance with a… Continue reading Mexican Quinoa and Red Bean Soup


Water Serves: Unlimited Cook Time: None Prep Time: None Calories: 0 What is really in your bottled water?  Consumer reports found toxic PFAS chemicals in several water brands.  This is no surprise and consistent with our research in the video above where we outline the risks in standard water filtration techniques as well as buying… Continue reading Water

Cashew Pesto – Plant Based

Cashew Pesto – Plant Based Serves: 6 Cook Time: Pasta 8 mins or just 5 mins for pesto Prep Time: 5 min Calories: 218 Cashew Pesto first principles science from Foodie Body:  This beautiful dish will blow your mind if you have never tried.  The Cashew nuts give a wonderful amount of plant based protein… Continue reading Cashew Pesto – Plant Based

Sex and Sugar – Related or Not?

Sex, Sugar and TikTok – Related or Not? When an individual engages in a behavior that the brain perceives as beneficial to survival (due to thousands of years of evolution and basic instinct), it produces a chemical signal called dopamine. Dopamine is the chemical that causes feelings of pleasure and happiness. The brain uses it… Continue reading Sex and Sugar – Related or Not?