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The state of the state

Health Care and Health Insurance may be the only system in the world where the providers get paid more the worse the outcome for the customer.  Would a physician in our current system forgo their second home or education for their children to tell you a better way?  As we look at the cost of health care and insurance in the chart below, we understand that this cost is the single largest expense holding back your quality of life.  The Foodie Body Holistic Health technologies and insurance is designed to help you take back your health and pay back a significant portion of these funds back to yourself.

Health Care Insurance Costs Over Your Lifetime

Partners not Beneficiaries

Insurance companies of the past view customers as “beneficiaries” or “claimants”.  Have we ever paid less for health insurance?  Each year the costs rise and these costs we either pay directly or our employer pays them and then the employer pays you less.  Foodie Body has changed all these mis-aligned incentives and has a new solution where you and Foodie Body are partners not beneficiaries.

A New Solution

Foodie Body has developed a new type of health insurance that pays you back based on how you eat. The average person spends $640,261 to $1,200,000 on health insurance over their lifetime. Why should health insurance companies and health care providers get rich off your back? Our solution partners with you to potentially save as much as $300,000* over 50 years which is banked and paid back to you in a savings account as we log your biometric data each three months.

How Does It Work?

Foodie Body Snacks

The 3-minute biohack to start your day.  Earn back your health insurance premiums by eating and living well.  Foodie Body is health insurance that works.

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